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3 Reasons to Stay

Profoundly Helpful



Being helpful and then experiencing the impact of our help on another person has a way of leaving us with a peaceful and quietened mind. A quiet mind taps into the universal mind, or infinite mind, which is where true power comes from.


Even wanting good things to happen to others, will quieten our minds. The mind can engender enormous conflict, and be endlessly active classifying, criticising or even hating. A mind engaged this way is a mind that loses power. A mind that can access stillness can access choice, and is free to choose more powerful ways of being.


Take some time out to think about someone who could benefit from your help. Send them your good wishes, either by letter or verbally, or, send them good thoughts mentally. Trust these thoughts will find their own way to them. Now feel the effect on yourself.



Through our mistakes and misdeeds we accumulate karma of ill-will or suffering. Acts of kindness have a way of cleaning up any ill karma, as if we repay a debt. Helping others, through a desire to be kind, has providence for

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“A different world cannot be made by indifferent people”

the giver as well as the receiver through cause and effect. When we give away a flower with an open hand we retain the fragrance of the flower on our own hand.


In addition, acts of helpful kindness add to the general wellbeing and karma of a community. There is no shortage of suffering in the world from human activity. For hope to remain present, that suffering needs to be matched with human kindness. Adding to the collective hope adds to our internal hope as well. True character grows when we trust and expect our kindness to come back to us through others.



Being helpful helps us to know our purpose in life. Even the simplest kind of help, like being polite or just listening intently to another person, triggers ours usefulness and purposefulness. Being useful is a sure way to feel alive. If we look further for patterns and similarities in how we repeatedly help others then it can point to our deeper calling or purpose.


When we become repeatedly useful we see clearly our value, our unique way of bringing brightness into the world. If we build our lives around these behaviours or ways of being they become our everyday experience and others value us more. This becomes even more motivational and instils in us a desire to do more, and to keep unfolding more knowledge of our unique purpose.