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A bit about Phil .....


My journey led me to discover the kind of wisdom  and disciplines I wished my elders had displayed when I was young. This was essential to bring about the changes I desired.


This journey also took me into an ever increasing love for speaking and presenting.  


What brought me to Life Coaching and Presentation Coaching?


My initial career was as a Merchant Navy Navigating Officer. For ten years I travelled the world visiting over forty countries, meeting interesting people, and finally gaining my Master Mariners Certificate.

Coming ashore I married and raised two children.





Since then I have continually seasoned and shaped my learning’s into multiple resources for others. Over the last sixteen years I have coached hundreds of people from business leaders to housewives.


My coaching and guidance is geared to pull clients from disorientation into stability and trust. Clients’ journey out of uncertainty into greater confidence to navigate life challenges.


Alongside Life Coaching, over the past ten years, I have steadily increased my teaching of Speech Writing and confident and expressive Speaking Skills.

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As time went on I felt the gravitational pull of my early losses. So much was troubling me emotionally that I couldn't understand or articulate. My lack of real confidence showed up as control. I was hiding away from life and hiding from my real challenges.


In the late 1990s I apprenticed myself into the work I do now.  

With increased aspiration I owned and ran many small businesses, including an art gallery and a country house hotel.


My early life was marked by a disconnection from my roots. Moving from one orphanage to another left me straining for an identity.


Confidence and stature have been hard won but slowly I become skilled in the art of navigating the challenges I faced.


A greater calling


I became clearer about my greater calling, and about the learning adventure it required of me. To seek out dependable and resourceful life guides and teachers I again travelled extensively.


Those teachers ranged from spiritual guides through to leadership experts. They encouraged me to stay curious about my early weighty misfortunes and to stay loyal to their messages.


The journey led me to becoming a Personal Coach for people seeking understanding, insights and breakthroughs.


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