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2.  Raise your speech writing skills


You may want advice and support constructing your speech, what content to include, and in what order you should say things. Through my coaching you will discover tried and tested methods and formulas to construct all kinds of speeches.


Call to find out how I can work alongside you.

My Qualifications


One to One Coaching


This can be a good way to start work on a particular aspect of your presentation. You may want to learn how to lessen fears, or discover what natural abilities you have. You may want clarity around your presentation content so you can be assured of the impact you desire.


Sessions can be at your place of work or at my office. Email or call for an initial informal chat about how you can progress. We can also work efficiently via Telephone or Skype. Skype is effective as it includes video but we can also use the telephone to work on speech content and construction.



Group trainings        


 Well proven programmes for your group


1.  First steps to confidence on your feet


2. The effective business pitch to an investor


3. The essentials of your sales pitch


4.  Inspire with skill in a business environment


I also tailor sessions to the needs of your organisation. Please email or call with a brief for me to work with.

1.  Raise your confidence


Confidence comes through building your skills and knowing  your strengths. I help you discover your natural delivery style and teach techniques so your confidence can flourish.



1.   Craig Valentine Certified World Class Speaking Coach

2.   Bill Gove Keynote Speaking Certification  

3.   Chris Howard Platform Skills Certification

4.   Toastmasters Int'l DTM Adv. Communicator Gold